Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trilobite Photos of Peter Cameron


To many people, trilobites are creatures of astonishing beauty. These creatures' primitive appearance is deceptive, for they display an almost architectural intricacy when observed closely. One man who appreciates the myriad of trilobite forms is Peter Cameron. His photographs reveal a vision of diversity and complexity and intimate familiarity with not only trilobites, but the locations where they are found and the way they are brought to light by the workers that excavate their fossilized remains from solid rock.


As a geologist for an oil company, he is required to have extensive knowledge about the creatures whose remains are indicators of geologic time. As a photographer, Peter allows us to look at the subtle details of an astonishingly diverse group of arthropods that ruled the seas for longer than we can truly comprehend. His photographs are the current feature of The Trilobite Show, a site devoted to showcasing the works of those people whose passion for trilobites motivates their expression.


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